Shorewood's Streets of Garage Sales

garagesale.jpgAnnually, over fifty households, more if you count the neighbors and families who combined, were able to turn their "trash" into cash participating in the Streets of Garage Sales.  Hundreds, if not over a thousand people, came into our community searching for treasures amongst our wares. Many did not go away empty handed.  We can do even better this year!

How it works:

You:Community Club:
  • Register to get your house on the sales map. 
  • Get your own sales ready. 
  • You set the prices, arrange the tables.
  • Let all your friends & relatives in the area know. 
  • Perhaps, several neighbors will combine their efforts.
  • Send shoppers to the other homes in your area who are participating.
  • Does all the advertising. 
  • Sets up the maps.
  • Provide markers for each registered house.
  • If available, provide entry point greeters and maps.

Plan now for your own part in the this year's sale. Set boxes aside and add to them getting ready for the Streets of Garage Sales.

Homes at the major entrance points into the community will have community maps with a star marking the site of each home registered for the event. Sale-seekers can follow their maps locating the "star" for each site hosting a sale.  Registered homes have a hand-full of bright balloons twisting in the wind, inviting all to come and shop.

This is the neighborhood's longest running annual event, and even if you don't hold a garage sale, you can team up with other neighbors or just shop around the 'hood'!  Heather Ingersoll organizes this event, so it is guaranteed to be another great sale!!

All successful events start with good planning and solid execution. Start YOUR planning now to easy the stress in the week prior to the event.  Mix your Spring Cleaning with getting ready for the sale! 

To participate, contact Heather (see 'Registration' below).



Register by the day before the event by contacting
Heather Ingersoll at 206-369-9080


Enjoy yourself and please observe these rules

  • Obey all street signs and posted speed limits
  • No parking in yards or on any other grassy areas. Please park along the road or in driveways if applicable but try not to block in others attending this sale.
  • All sales are final -- this event is for one day only.
  • Keep your children in sight -- Shorewood already has plenty of children. We don't need extras and you might miss them!!
  • DO buy all you can carry -- extra trips are allowed at this buffet.
  • DO tell all your friends and neighbors.
  • DO bring cash -- credit cards are not accepted. Individual sellers have the right to make the decision on accepting checks.
  • DO shop with a smile.....occasional grinning and outbursts of excitement on finding a deal are encouraged.
  • This event ends promptly at 5:00 p.m. unless prior arrangements have been made with the homeowner.

Important Notice: The Shorewood on the Sound Community Club (SOTS) does not condone, endorse or recommend the sale of firearms, knives, or other dangerous goods during this community event. Individuals with such item are encouraged to offer them in a different venue. "Collectors" and other such individuals will not be tolerated harassing residents. SOTS does not warrant, endorse or guarantee any transactions conducted between participants. All participants conduct business, move through the community and interact with other participants at their own risk.

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